Cuzzins Yogurt

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euphorically delicious


CUZZINS is the ultimate frozen yogurt experience. We serve smooth, creamy yogurt in crowd-pleasing flavors that change each month.


And while CUZZINS YOGURT is good for you - with nonfat, no sugar and gluten-free options - don't worry, it's all about great taste. Choose from our ultra-fresh toppings to create your own delicious treat.

You pay based on the weight of your yogurt and toppings, so come in today and custom mix flavors to your heart's content.



WE ARE RETIRING...finally!

It’s time for the old coots to sit back and RELAX!

Don’t worry, you will still be able to enjoy your frozen yogurt. Our store located on The Ohio State University Campus is still a Cuzzins Yogurt. The stores located in Hilliard and The Shops On Lane Avenue have switched over to #froyo. Our Lewis Center location is now a Planet Smoothie.

A huge “Thank You” to our valued customers who have given us a great ride!

The Cuzzins, John and Jeanie